Market & Co. opens tomorrow: a plate for every palate

What’s old is new again at Upper Canada Mall. Market & Co. is set to open and entertain on Friday, September 7th with everything you need to host a fancy dinner party or just to enjoy a pint and some oysters after work. With local gems like Floral Essence, you are sure to find that there’s a place for you at Market & Co.

Leah Denbok: An inspiration for us all

Leah Denbok is an 18 year old photographer with a passion for sharing the stories of the homeless. You can see her exhibit at Old Town Hall in Newmarket, ON. The photography is moving and provides a glimpse into the real faces of homelessness.

Long Weekend Plans? We've got some that let you skip the drive!

The long-weekend is upon us again! It’s the middle of summer and parents everywhere are looking for new ideas for cool places to spend time with the kids. Our post today shares the best local kid-friendly haunts including some with air conditioning!!! Pictured: local residents Daniel (5) and Dad, Delmore Hall enjoying a beautiful summer day at the park.

Job Spotlight: Newmarket leaps forward with creative agencies like Treefrog Inc.

Let’s be real here- if you are going to be working for the next thirty years of your life, it’s not the worst thing to work in an environment that doesn’t feel at all like work. That’s what Treefrog offers to its developers, social media gurus and all round advertising geniuses. This team works hard and plays hard and they are looking for more “frogs” to join their team.

Date Night Just Got Better

Whether you are looking for date night ideas in Newmarket or you are interested in expanding your cultural experiences, this blog post has it all. Check out the Newmarket National Play Festival taking place July 25th - 29th in the downtown core and get amazing discounts from local businesses right alongside!

The Best ______ in Newmarket

Newmarket is full of amazing places to eat, play and spend time with loved ones. The newest engagement platform “Hey Newmarket” allows you to share these hidden gems with others and also provide feedback on a variety of projects and developments in the community. Check it out!

Where Passion Meets Productivity

Newmarket has it’s own broadband ISP! General Manager Jim Gragtmans and Newmarket Mayor Tony Van Bynen chatted to Marc Saltzman on his show “Tech Talk.”Rolling out in the summer of 2018 and starting with the Urban Corridors, Newmarket is a great place for entrepreneurs, business expansions and new development. So long to the days of lost productivity because your internet can’t handle your uploads.

Pull up a blanket under the stars at Moonlight Movies

The first official long weekend of the summer is here and it’s time to get outdoors! Whether you have a hot date or a gaggle of children to entertain - Moonlight Movies is a great excuse to get outside and enjoy some laughs. This weekend “Trolls” is playing at River Commons. Even if you don’t think you are into kids movies -you should check this one out just for the soundtrack.

Pass the (extremely delicious) coffee

Coffee is no longer just a boost of caffeine - it's a social experience, especially in Newmarket.  Meet local coffee roaster Meagan Dier of Indie Coffee  and find out where you can get a delicious cup at our local cafes.  If you aren't a coffee person - don't worry.  Check out our local tea-spot as well.

Where Passion Meets Possibility: 2016/2017 Community Report

From future firefighters, dreaming of protecting their community to past students playing shows on the world stage- the 2016/2017 Community Report proves that Newmarket is anything but "old," "boring," or "out of date."  Newmarket is the home to great restaurants, the York Region Pride Festival, over 50km of trails and amazing places to work.  Check out this year's report here to find out more about the future of Newmarket!