Job Spotlight: Celestica Newmarket, There’s a Place for You Here

Job Spotlight: Celestica Newmarket, There’s a Place for You Here

I’ve heard it in the media, amongst friends, even sadly amongst smart, well educated people:  manufacturing jobs are just “factory jobs”.  And often, there is a negative connotation there. In these situations though, I’m lucky enough to be able to share conversations like the one I had with Katie Newman at Celestica recently.  Her story like many of the others I’ve heard working with manufacturers in Newmarket showcases that manufacturing is about innovation, creativity and flexibility.    What has become increasingly clear to me is that manufacturing companies and their employees are some of the most innovative in the world.  In Newmarket, over 10% of the jobs locally are in this innovative field – and this number is going to continue to grow with the arrival of internationally renowned electronics manufacturer Celestica

I sought out interviewing someone at Celestica- particularly because I wanted to find out what it’s like being a young person working in the manufacturing industry. It’s a career that doesn’t seem to get enough of a spotlight these days and I think there is so much to learn about the opportunities this industry affords to job seekers.  And so, on a cold January afternoon, I sat down with Katie Newman at Celestica’s manufacturing facility in Newmarket, ON. 

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Katie, is a Mechanical Engineering student at Queen’s University in Kingston. I’m immediately impressed by how friendly and knowledgeable she is.  She has a lot of school pride and seems to love her job at Celestica.   She’s at Celestica as part of one of their many 16 month long internships.  Her role in particular is an Engineering Intern in Quality, within their aerospace division.   When she tells me this, I’m intrigued.  (We only had a limited amount of time, but when I get back to my desk – I look up the kinds of aerospace engineering that Celestica does – the list is far too long but their experience is covers everything from airborne computer systems to weather radar and wingtip positioning for aircraft.)

I asked Katie how she came to work for Celestica.  She explains that she did know someone who worked here – which is how she heard so many positive things and got interested in the company.  When she saw it was an internship opportunity offered through her school – she applied. 

“I loved that as a company sustainability is so important to Celestica.  I am very environmentally conscious so that was important to me.  Also, we get time off to volunteer- 2 days/year, which is so cool.  I’m hoping to do mine locally in Newmarket.” 

Still knowing that many people don’t know what great jobs manufacturers have to offer I ask Katie “What has been the nicest surprise about working for Celestica?”

There are few things.  “At Celestica, I am not just treated like an intern, I’m treated like a valuable employee. I am taught everything along the way and there is huge support for my learning but I have also been given accountability, responsibility and freedom in this role. My role is really MY role.  I have pieces that I am solely responsible for. But at the same time, if I don’t know something or need support – I get it.  I’ve got a few “work moms” and just the people are so great. 

Knowing the Katie isn’t from Newmarket (she’s currently living in Ajax until she heads back to school in September) I ask for her thoughts on Newmarket.  

“So, I used to work in Toronto [for Celestica] and it’s a big city and it didn’t have the same sense of community that is here.  There are such great restaurants, many are family owned, the Main Street is quaint-it’s just a really nice community vibe. Also coming from Ajax- I now commute against the flow of traffic – I hate traffic so I love that. Also – I have a gym membership to the Magna Centre- which is amazing. You know they have the fitness facility but you can also use the pool and rinks. The Magna Centre is huge and has an awesome ice surface with a huge walking track as well.  I like to use the rink to play ringette.” 

Katie tells me that, if she was working full time at Celestica (she heads back to Kingston in September) she’d move here.

EB: “So what would you tell someone interested in working in a similar role at Celestica?”

Katie: “Just go for it!”  I’ve made great connections – in this job you get support, responsibility and accountability.  You might be nervous but at Celestica you get to work on real jobs- embrace the new opportunity and grow with it.  This will be different than anything you’ve ever done but spend time, adjusting, learning and growing.  Also, people should consider moving here to work – you save the commute and there are lots of nice places to live and spend time.”

I end the interview asking Katie if we can connect on LinkedIn because honestly- you can already tell this woman is going far in her field and I can’t wait to cheer her on from my side of the computer. 

Celestica is currently hiring interns for their May 2019 cohort.  For these internships and other opportunities at Celestica please click below:


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Setting the stage for an extraordinary future in Newmarket

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