Let’s Roll: In search for the ‘perfect’ sushi in Newmarket.

Let’s Roll: In search for the ‘perfect’ sushi in Newmarket.


What makes the perfect sushi? Jiro Dreams of Sushi – a documentary about a sushi chef/owner who is the only three diamond Michelin rated sushi chef in the world - will give you great insight into what makes the ‘perfect’ sushi. This includes quality ingredients, technique, balance of flavor and attention to detail. Jiro only uses only fresh ingredients (no refrigeration) and massages the fish he is going to serve for several hours a day. Now that’s dedication!

While we can only dream of having the opportunity to visit Jiro’s Sushi Restaurant located 10,300km away in Toyko, Japan – I embarked on a journey to find the ‘perfect’ and ‘best’ sushi in the Town of Newmarket.

As a disclaimer, I am no means a sushi expert, but I do love sushi. My criteria for the ‘perfect’ sushi includes; freshness of the ingredients, the rice to toppings/filling ratio, and overall umami of the sushi when eaten.

Here are my top three picks for the ‘perfect’ sushi in the Town of Newmarket:

1. Solo Sushi Ya - Davis Drive, Newmarket

If you are looking for real authentic sushi from Japan, Solo Sushi Ya is the place to go to in Newmarket.

Don't expect to look for All You Can Eat (AYCE) sushi or fancy rolls that are smothered in various sauces. The real gem at this place is the simplicity of the dishes – quality sushi rice with quality ingredients.

I give this place top marks for the friendly and welcoming experience presented by the staff members and of course, the sushi. Having had the opportunity to eat sushi while travelling in Japan, Solo Sushi Ya brings back those wonderful mouthwatering memories.

Price: $$$

2. Sushi Jun - Main Street Newmarket

Sushi Jun is a small take out place (with limited seating) located in the Historic Downtown Newmarket on Main Street. They have an array of different types of sushi, maki rolls, sashimi and cooked foods. They also have ‘special sets’ that include different variations of sushi, rolls, and sashimi combinations – perfect for those that want to try a bit of everything.

Stop by for some great sushi, then take a stroll along Tom Taylor Trail and Fairy Lake! 

Price: $

3. Golden Maki (currently under renovations) Davis Drive, Newmarket
This All You Can Eat (AYCE) place made it on my list for its consistent quality, variety and price of their lunch. If I am looking for a quick, cheap, and quality sushi fix, this would be my choice.

Their menu is extensive when it comes to the variety of sushi, rolls, grilled foods, fried foods and rice and noodle dishes. I particularly enjoy the grilled salmon belly and the snow roll (crab meat, avocado and spicy mayo wrapped in rice paper).

There you have it. My top three picks for the ‘perfect sushi’

Price: $$

There you have it! My top three picks for the ‘perfect’ sushi in Newmarket at three different price points to suit your sushi needs. What are some of your favourite sushi places in Newmarket and why? Let me know in the comments section below or by visiting HeyNewmarket to share your favourite spots with all of Newmarket!

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