Whatever your living style…there’s a place for you here

Whatever your living style…there’s a place for you here

I’ve lived in Newmarket for most of my life.  I , like many other young Newmarketonians thought that when I graduated and went away to school, I’d move to the big city.  But, when I went looking for a career after University, I found that Newmarket had plenty to offer.

So I started my career, and began to build a life.  Newmarket has certainly changed over the years – from sleepy, small, suburbia to something more….a place where there is buzz; a positive energy about it.  A place where you can find a great craft beer or glass of wine, an amazing summertime patio, live music all weekend long and really great shows and festivals. 

All of this is great, but I get it – the question on most young professionals minds, is “but where will I live”? Not that long ago, single-detached housing was pretty much the only option, with the exception of a few apartment buildings, in Newmarket. But as Newmarket has grown up, so have the housing choices.  When I bought my first “home,” Newmarket made perfect sense for me.  My career was here, my family and friends were here and a long commute just wasn’t something I wanted.  I bought at the “Office Specialty Lofts,” just behind historic Main Street, Newmarket.  Buying close to the downtown meant lots of opportunities for after-work hangouts at amazing pubs, easy access to the music festivals and events and great trails, right outside my door.  

After I got married, and my family began to grow – we decided we needed a little more space.  We bought a detached home, close to downtown in a family-friendly neighbourhood. The new place – while different than living right downtown, gave us the opportunity for backyard living and easy commutes to work without sacrificing access to Newmarket’s main core. 

We love our house and unfortunately, you can’t all live with us, but as a hometown Newmarket gal, here are my suggestions on where to seek out your next place to live.

If your locating for space in the immediate future, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend my old stomping grounds – the Office Specialty Lofts. We loved our time there, including the terrace patio for BBQ’ing with friends. They come on the market every now and again and a few times a year, you can even snag one as a rental.

Newmarket’s downtown is known for its really beautiful and historic buildings.  One of these buildings is a former school that is being given new life.  The King George School is being transformed by The Rose Corporation into modern, airy loft style condos ranging in size from 640 to 1,250 square feet. You can see what they are going to look like at http://liveatkinggeorge.ca. The area surrounding the school will also be transformed with beautiful town homes and landscaping.

If you are looking for an up and coming area, with more of an urban feel - Newmarket’s urban corridor along Yonge Street and Davis Drive will soon be home to multiple condo and rental options. Our newest building on the street is 212 Davis.  This property is York Region's first purpose-built rental in many years and (at last check) still has a few rental units left.  

Two new developments currently in the works are The Rose Corporation’s 175 Deerfield Road development and the Redwood Properties development at 17645 Yonge Street. The three-tower Redwood Properties', Yonge Street development will include a mix of multi-use residential and commercial properties located in the emerging urban centre. 

Preliminary designs for the development at 175 Deerfield Road include about 500 units, which will include a wide range of purpose-built rental apartments (great for those who are not ready to buy)and likely some condominium units as well.

Both developments should have options to accommodate most budgets. You can see what they might look like here and here respectively.

Finally – if you are like my family and you need a little more space than a condo or loft provides, Newmarket has great town-homes and detached houses for more reasonable price points than can be found further south.  Think – homes with backyards, urban amenities, living close to transit and major arteries – starting from less than $550, 000.  

Ready to check it out? Realtor.ca is great place to browse and see what’s available. But if you’re serious about making the move (and after reading all of this, why wouldn’t you be?), the best way to see what Newmarket has to offer is to come and see for yourself! Pick a sunny Saturday and walk or bike around town. Visit Main Street. Hit up our amazing farmers' market. Grab a coffee or a bite to eat at one of our local cafes.  Enjoy a beverage on our patios and see why I’ve never left!  

But hey, don’t just take my word for it – ask some other locals. Whether you’re visiting one of our festivals, or enjoying the World’s Best Butter Tart (I kid you not), I think you’ll find that the people love to live and work here.

Foodie or Four-legged friend - there's a festival for you in Newmarket.

Foodie or Four-legged friend - there's a festival for you in Newmarket.

Pass the (extremely delicious) coffee

Pass the (extremely delicious) coffee